Laurence Juber with Marshall Terrill

Guitar With Wings: A Photographic Memoir
Laurence Juber with Marshall Terrill

Laurence Juber

This coffeetable book mixes Juber’s personal story with his time as Paul McCartney’s guitarist in the last version of Wings from 1978 to 1981. As he puts it in his foreword, Juber basically had photos in a box for three decades and had forgotten about them. It’s those photos that make this a treasure trove for fans of McCartney, Wings, or pop music in general.

Juber’s studio shots from the time the band was working on Back To The Egg are gorgeous. They capture Macca and the band in a personal way, but are never intrusive. The same can be said for shots of the group at the beach and on the McCartney farm. The reader is also treated to some splendid guitar pics throughout the book.

There is text, but not a lot. It tells the story of a humble guitarist who learned the biz from Paul and photography from Linda McCartney. Juber’s admiration for Linda is evident from front to back.

A couple of spelling errors mar the book, but overall it’s just great pictures and text that comes across as a clever, animated conversation about Juber’s life.

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