Crenshaw Launches Subscription Series for New Releases


Crenshaw launches subscription service to distribute new musicMarshall Crenshaw is distributing his newest music via a subscription-based service. The singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer made the move after conducting a funding campaign that asked fans to pledge money, and in exchange for their donations (which ranged from $1 to $5,000), they are sent a series of three-song/45-rpm vinyl EPs, six of which the artist plans to release over a two-year period. Each will consist of newly recorded, never-released material, encompassing an original Crenshaw composition, a classic cover tune, and a re-working of a Crenshaw favorite. In addition to the vinyl discs, subscribers receive a card to download high-quality digital versions of the tracks.

Crenshaw’s Kickstarter campaign raised more than $33,000, which exceeded his goal. “I wanted to think of a different way of working that would inspire me and keep me motivated,” he said. “I still think recorded music is a great art form, I still love it and believe in it. The fact people responded so well to the concept felt like a good validation of that.”

The first EP, set for release November 23, will include the new number, “I Don’t See You Laughing Now,” recorded with Andy York (John Mellencamp, Ian Hunter), and Graham Maby (Joe Jackson, They Might Be Giants). The double B-side is a new reading of The Move’s 1971 post-apocalyptic anthem “No Time,” recorded with New Jersey rocker and frequent Crenshaw collaborator Glen Burtnick, along with a new version of “There She Goes Again,” whose original version appeared on Crenshaw’s 1982 debut album, this time recorded live with alt-country icons the Bottle Rockets. Engineer Greg Calbi will handle mastering duties on the series.

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