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Leo “Bud” Welch

Sabougla Voices

In this day and age, it’s downright incredible that 81-year-old Mississippi bluesman Leo “Bud” Welch has remained unknown to the broader musical world. Unknown – until now, that is. Welch was born in 1932 in Sabougla, a crossroads burg in central Mississippi that’s so small most (more…)

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DLS Effects Intros Reckless Drive


DLS Effects’ Reckless Drive is a two-channel overdrive/distortion effect with independent Volume, Gain, and Mix controls for each (Normal and Boost).  It also has master controls for Bass and Treble, an Attack switch that adds brightness. It offers true-bypass switching with a 3P3T switch, Amphenol (more…)

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TailPeace Dsignz Offers Twist on Traditional Tailpiece


TailPeace Dsignz guitar tailpieces replace a guitar’s standard stud-/bar-type tailpiece with sculpted pieces of varying design. They install with no modifcation to the instrument and do not contact the surface of the guitar. Made in the U.S., they are available in chrome, nickel, black, and gold (more…)

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Seymour Duncan Releases Vapor Trail Analog Delay


Seymour Duncan’s Vapor Trail is a true analog delay pedal that uses Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) the company says give it an authentic, vintage sound, but with a clarity that keeps it from getting lost in a mix. It has Rate and Depth controls, a TRS insert (more…)

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Rotosound Introduces Six Pedals


Rotosound has introduced six new retro effects pedals; the Wobbler tremolo, King Henry phaser, Pusher compressor, Crusader chorus, Aftermath analog delay, and Leveller EQ. All were designed in conjunction with John Oram, of Vox and Trident. They are hand-wired in the U.K. using authentic components, and (more…)

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Pierre Bensusan


In a career spanning four decades, acoustic virtuoso Pierre Bensusan has created some of the most enchanting guitar music ever heard, much of it in his beloved DADGAD tuning. Oddly enough, even with near-continuous touring, he’s still a cult commodity. Encore, his three-CD set of (more…)

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Jeff Beck

He Can’t Help It... He Just Keeps Getting Better

In 1985, speaking of the ’83 Action Research into Muscle Distrophy (A.R.M.S.) Tour that united Yardbirds alumni Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton, the latter stated, “At that time and for many months after that, I began to think of Jeff as probably being the finest guitar player I’d ever seen. And I’ve been […]

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Uncle Tupelo

No Depression Legacy Edition

Some fans of the late, great Uncle Tupelo claim solace in the fact the band’s acrimonious split resulted in two great bands – Jay Farrar’s Son Volt and Jeff Tweedy’s Wilco. Others dismiss this as only so much cold comfort. A few listens to Legacy’s (more…)

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The Gourds

All the Labor

In October 2013, a mere month after releasing their 10th LP (and 19 years after forming), the Gourds announced that they were taking a hiatus. With the Austin, Texas, alt-country quintet’s new album (produced by Larry Campbell) barely a month old, the timing was curious. (more…)

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Dynamic Amplifiers 2040 Series

Tone to "Dy" For

Dynamic Amps 2040 series Price:  $2,570 (VA Combo) David Carambula’s Dynamic 2040 series of amplifiers consists of three models: Vintage American (VA), Vintage British (VB), and the HG DynaLead. All use class AB single-channel design that can utilize a variety of output tubes, with (more…)

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