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Zemaitis GZ-3200DF

One For the Rest of Us

Zemaitis Greco GZ-200DF. Looking to score one of those legendary guitars made by the late British luthier Tony Zemaitis? Yeah, so are we. But given that Tony’s work today occupies its own unique space in the “axe strata,” chances are it won’t happen for (more…)

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Ovation UKII 1291

Rodney Dangerfield of solidbody electric guitars

1980 Ovation UKII 1291 If there’s a Rodney Dangerfield of solidbody electric guitars, it would be named Ovation. For more than a decade, Ovation tried unsuccessfully to leverage its achievements with revolutionary Lyracord bowlbacks and pioneering pickup systems into a presence in the lucrative solidbody market. (more…)

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Big Bill Morganfield – Born Lover


Talent isn’t always inherited. And when it is, the ability to develop it doesn’t always come along with it. Big Bill Morganfield inherited a healthy slice of talent from his father, Muddy Waters. Luckily for blues lovers, he also brings his own distinctive self-developed skills to (more…)

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Martin F-9


1939 Martin F-9. Photo: Kelsey Vaughn, courtesy Gruhn Guitars. One of Martin’s most successful innovations of the 1970s arose, ironically, from one of the company’s least successful ventures of the legendary pre-war years. The success was the 16″ M-size body and its deeper offshoot, the (more…)

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Guyatone FR3000V Reverb, MT-3, WR3 and MD3

effects deliver, regardless of size

Guyatone FR3000V Reverb Reverb! King of guitar effects. If there’s an extracurricular sound guitarists most want, it’s reverb. Maybe because even if they’re playing the most low-down, dirty dive, they can sound more like they’re playing the Beacon, Fillmore, Ryman, or Radio City. (more…)

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Zakk Wylde


All photos Neil Zlozower. With Zakk Wylde, what you see is very much what you get. An unassuming, tell-it-like-it-is guy, he makes no apologies for being the beer-swilling, English-language-brutalizing, boot-and-leather-wearing, Les Paul-and-Marshall-jacking Jersey-boy badass of hard rock. And why should he? With the (more…)

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David Bromberg – Demon in Disguise


Not to be confused with a live DVD of the same name, which was released in 2008 and quickly vanished, this is part of Stefan Grossman’s “Guitar Artistry Of” series. Playing only his signature model Martin acoustic, Bromberg is alone for most of this, with Grossman serving (more…)

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Allen Amplification Accomplice Jr.

Raw and Ready

Allen Amplification Accomplice Jr. First impressions of Allen Amplification’s new Accomplice Jr. begin to form even before you open the box – it’s so light you might think (as we did), “Did they ship just a head?” But our fears were (more…)

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Ibanez Destroyer

Odd Retro Nod

1977 Ibanez Destroyer Bass, serial number H775153. Photo: Ward Meeker/Doug Yellow Bird. Instrument courtesy of Marty’s Music. The early/mid 1970s were the “glory days” for imported copies of classic American-made guitars and basses. Back then, the “vintage” vibe as it related to American-made electric guitars was (more…)

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Paul Gilbert

"How Pat Travers Saved My Soul!"

Any guitarist who can play Emerson Lake & Palmer’s “Karn Evil 9” and nail the keyboard solo is a bad motor scooter. Paul Gilbert is one such guy. From his early days with the neo-classical metal band Racer X to the Grammy nominated Mr. (more…)

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