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Grateful Dead – Live at Cow Palace


The Grateful Dead was an electric jug band with more in common musically with Jim Kweskin than Jimi Hendrix. On this new three-CD set, you can hear this ultimate jam band at its loosest-tightest best. On this recording, the husband/wife duo Keith and Donna Godchaux held (more…)

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Crowsong – Shelter


Crowsong offers a couple of atmospheric new records that feature founder Randy Clark’s guitar playing and interaction with bandmates Joshua Zucker (bass) and Vince Littleton (drums). Here, they use one disc to highlight vocals and songs with words, and another for instrumental tunes. And no matter what (more…)

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Rick Vito – Rattlesnake Shake


Covering the Peter Green title track may be a subliminal (or subconscious) way of reminding listeners of his early-’90s stint with Fleetwood Mac, but Vito was a Green devotee well before Green had vacated the band 20 years prior, let alone before joining the group himself. (more…)

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Hiromi’s Sonicbloom – Time Control


Ignore the silly cover photo – this ain’t no pop-diva record. Instead, it could be the jazz-rock CD of the year. Hiromi Uehara is a monster jazz pianist who’s been making a name for her trio over the past few years. Sonicbloom, however, is the name (more…)

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Pat Metheny – Metheny with Mehldau


Guitarist Pat Metheny and pianist Brad Mehldau need little introduction, thus the near-cryptic titling of this new duet collection of jazz originals. The meeting of minds here brings back memories of guitarist Jim Hall and pianist Bill Evans’ classic 1960s duo, Undercurrent. Now we have a new (more…)

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October 2008


FEATURES BEDLAM IN BELGIUM! Lord Bizarre’s Electric Guitar and Amp Museum When most Americans think of Belgium, they typically think beer, chocolate, or waffles. But for those with a passion for unusual vintage electric guitars, the city of Leuven holds an extra treasure. By Joe Bigley AMP-O-RAMA The Oahu 230K Tone Master Sold as part […]

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Beasts of Bourbon – Little Animals


The Beasts of Bourbon have always been a vehicle for vocalist Tex Perkins, but have also been as much a side project as a major recording and touring force. Well-regarded and influential in their home Australia, they have never had much reason to venture forth. (more…)

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