Tom Feldmann, R.L. Burnside, Poor Black Mattie, acoustic Lesson

R.L. Burnside – Poor Black Mattie

Tom Feldmann demonstrates how to play the signature lick from R.L. Burnside’s classic “Poor Black Mattie.” Tom is playing a Hauver Guitars Charley Patton model, which has a ladder-braced spruce top and mahogany back/sides. Tom's new Mississippi Hill Country Blues Guitar instructional video (available through Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop) is reviewed in the May issue of Vintage Guitar . Learn more at tomfeldman.com and guitarvideos.com.
Bukka White – Jitterbug Swing, Vintage Guitar magazine presents Tom Feldmann

Bukka White – Jitterbug Swing

Tom Feldmann teaches the riff from Bukka White’s classic Jitterbug Swing. www.tomfeldmann.com Guitar info: Flammang Guitars Model P30-S, Red spruce top w/toner, Mahogany back/sides, and a 24.56” scale. www.flammanguitars.com
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