VG Approved Gear

VG Approved Gear

Gittler Classic Home Feature Image

Gittler Classic

The Gittler guitar was invented in the late 1970s by Allan Gittler, whose vision to reduce the guitar to its most essential elements led...
Danelectro Baby Sitar Home Feature Image

Danelectro Baby Sitar

Legend has it that during a break in the filming of Help!, George Harrison picked up a sitar left behind by the prop men...
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Teye Super Coyote

Teije Wijnterp has been around. Born in the Netherlands, he studied flamenco guitar in Spain before relocating to Austin and eventually joining Joe Ely’s...
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Larry Alan Guitars’ The Harlot

Hot idea: pack a sturdy-yet-petite 1590B casing with specially selected parts rendering a powerful, variable guitar overdrive, add a couple of vintage-look knobs, a...
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Siegmund Missing Link

Looking like a Sputnik-era satellite, the Missing Link from Siegmund Guitars and Amplifiers may be the perfect way to – pardon the pun –...
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John Page Classic Ashburn

With the creation of John Page Classic Guitars in 2006, the guitar builder, designer, and co-founder of the Fender Custom Shop opened a new...
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Mu-FX Octave Divider

This is rocket science. Or at least as close as a stompbox gets. Sure, building a pedal that tweaks a guitar’s signal around and about...
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PureSalem Bette

If you’ve ever worked in the music retail field, you know that not everybody shares your excellent taste in guitars. There’s a whole other...
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Avid Technology Eleven Rack

The proliferation of digital guitar gear grows by leaps and bounds every year as more players learn to love the world of tones and...
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Echopark Clarence

Gabriel Currie’s Echopark Guitars have been played around the world by some of the music industry’s heaviest hitters. His is a line of handmade...
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