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Graham Dechter

Takin' It There
Capri Records

It’s always a treat when a young player arrives on the scene with an understanding of what came before him. Dechter is a traditional jazz player who lets us know right off the bat that he gets it by offering a swinging version of Wes Montgomery’s “Road Song.” Not content to just hang with the […]

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Drew Zingg

Drew Zingg
The Infrangible Syndicate

Drew Zingg isn’t exactly a household name, but he should become one to all guitarists. Best known for stints with Steely Dan, Donald Fagen’s New York Rock and Soul Revue, and Boz Scaggs, he’s a complete guitarist. And he’s gone a unique route with this record, working with producer George Walker Petit and a group […]

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The Outlaws

It's About Pride
Rocket Science Ventures

To expect a record by the Outlaws to sound this good in 2012 would be folly. The band hasn’t released a studio album in more than two decades and two of the main guitarists from the original band – Hughie Thomasson and Billy Jones – are dead. The remaining original guitarist, Henry Paul, has resurrected […]

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Various artists

Abstract Logix Live! The New Universe Music Festival 2010
Abstract Logix

This double-disc contains some of the most challenging guitar music recorded in the past year. While the four featured guitarists – Alex Machacek, Wayne Krantz, Jimmy Herring, and John McLaughlin – all shine, it’s Krantz who really steals the show. It opens with two cuts from Machacek, an Austrian fusion player who shows a penchant […]

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Eli Cook

Ace, Jack & King

As music evolves and grows, it sometimes hits roadblocks. That has been a problem in the past with the blues. Eli Cook’s latest album takes a stab at helping the music evolve. It’s not an earth-shattering turn by any means. Any fan of the blues will recognize the patterns and the structures of the songs. […]

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The Deadlies

Meet the Deadlies

Though its song titles imply this is “surf music,” James Patrick Regan and the Deadlies boast plenty of other inf luences. Yes, there’s plenty of reverb-drenched guitar from Regan, and bassist Bob St. Laurent and drummer Jim Lang can ride a wave with the best of them, but “Mayhem at Pillar Point” is a straightahead […]

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Pete Levin


The past few Pete Levin albums have featured his fine organ playing, great songs, and lots of room for whatever guitarist was working with him. Jump! is no different, with Dave Stryker on guitar. Put the two with drummer Lenny White and you’ve got the mix for a highly entertaining record. Stryker proves a valuable […]

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Mojo Monkeys

Blessings & Curses
Medikull Records

Mojo Monkeys is guitarist Billy Watts, bassist Taras Prodaniuk, and drummer David Raven. All three sing, and Blessings & Curses shows them mining a swampy rock feel that sometimes crosses into country. The lyrics can be funny and/or poignant, but they’re always interesting, as is the playing. Watts’ guitar usually forms the bed, as on […]

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Rhinestones and Rust

Guitarist and singer Viva DeConcini’s last record, Rock and Roll Lover, was a stunning collection of eclectic songs that fit together perfectly even though stylistically they ran the gamut from loud rock and roll to jazz to avant garde. On her latest, she pares things down a bit with a trio record that focuses on […]

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For One Who Waits

For One Who Waits
Kyran Music

Mitch Seidman is a jazz player of impeccable taste and tone. His last record, Triangulation, used the same trio as here: Jamie McDonald on acoustic bass and Claire Arenius on drums. The three operate as one, and the liner notes indicate these eight songs were all cut in a single day, more evidence of the […]

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