The Elektra Albums 1983-1987

A quintessential L.A. hair band, Dokken’s first four albums have been remastered and boxed. Let’s state the obvious… ’80s metal sounds dated thanks to its high-gain crunch, chorused chords, and trite bad-boy lyrics. The good news is that Dokken’s riffs and grooves, as on “Breaking the Chains,” are rock-solid. Its ’82 live cut “Paris is Burning” is a glorious shredfest that put guitar hero George Lynch on the map.

From 1984’s Tooth and Nail, Lynch soulfully soars over “Without Warning.” “Heartless Heart” and “Just Got Lucky” are riffer-approved displays of saturated California gain. “Into the Fire” uses a streamlined arrangement and Lynch’s fret-melting to great effect. It’s peak (if cheesy) fist-pumpin’ rock.

Under Lock and Key is pure hair-mousse metal, heard in “Unchain the Night” with Klaus Meine-soundalike vocals from Don Dokken and a blinding lead. “The Hunter” is a master class in L.A. amp tone, while “In My Dreams” is a calculated confection of harmony vocals and riffs. Dokken blew apart after Back for the Attack, ending a platinum run, but left fans with the shredtacular magic of Lynch’s instrumental manifesto, “Mr. Scary.” No question, he remains one of the most formidable shredders of the ’80s.

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