2GTHR Launches Live-Stream Music Service

2GTHR Launches Live-Stream Music Service

Connecting guitar fans & artists through the only high-def interactive music platform

Los Angeles, CA – February 1, 2021 – 2GTHR launched its unique live-stream music service, connecting artists with fans in a more intimate and interactive way than any other platform.  2GTHR provides a combination of music performance and conversation, including the ability for fans to come “onstage” for face-to-face live Q&A.  No other site can match 2GTHR’s feature set of high-def audio and video specifically designed for music, video interactivity, and real-time chat.

2GTHR also offers fan-friendly pricing, with its entire schedule of live-stream shows included for one low monthly price.  There are never tickets to buy, but fans can feel good knowing they are helping to support their favorite artists.

The artist community has jumped on board, with Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Greg Koch, Peter Stroud, JD Simo, David Grissom, Scott Sharrard, Jimmy James, and others performing regularly.  They love connecting with fans in a way they can’t anywhere else.

See the 2GTHR demo video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hrJ7FWcOXg&feature=youtu.be

2GTHR highlights include:

  • Live-stream performances in high-definition video and audio
  • Live video Q&A where fans can jump “onstage” with the artist
  • Real-time chat with the artist and audience
  • Sessions can be watched live, or re-played anytime on-demand
  • Watch in your browser – nothing to download

A monthly subscription to 2GTHR includes every live stream, for $9.99 billed quarterly, or $11.99 billed monthly.  A one-month free trial is being offered at launch.

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