MISCO introduces ToneSpeak™ guitar speakers

MISCO introduces ToneSpeak™ guitar speakers

February 23, 2021—St. Paul, MN Venerable American loudspeaker manufacturer, MISCO, announces a new line of guitar speakers under the name ToneSpeak™.  ToneSpeak™ is a cooperative effort between MISCO and two industry veterans; Anthony Lucas and Josh Martin.  Lucas and Martin combine for more than 40 years of experience designing guitar speakers and cultivating relationships with musicians worldwide.


“We are extremely excited to create this new brand, ToneSpeak, to please the ears of guitarists everywhere.” said MISCO CEO, Dan Digre. “MISCO has been manufacturing OEM guitar speakers for many years and this seemed like a great next step for us.”  He added, “Josh and Anthony are the ‘1-2 punch’ of the guitar speaker world.  Anthony is arguably the most knowledgeable guitar speaker designer in the world.  And Josh, as a musician and industry professional, is versed in both the needs of OEMs as well as the desires of the musician. Bringing us together as a team is an opportunity we just couldn’t pass up.”  MISCO has been diversifying their business in the last few years with the acquisition of Oaktron and their latest high-end driver brand, Bold North Audio.

ToneSpeak is committed to be known as a company “of musicians for musicians”.  They have assembled TAB (ToneSpeak Advisory Board) which is made up of elite musicians and tone seekers.  Martin stated, “No matter how much experience you have, you don’t know everything.  You need input from a diverse group of people who will also speak honestly and critically about what you are doing.  The ToneSpeak team provides a really unique platform to bring the musician to the ‘front of the stage’ and be heard in the most critical phases of development.”

“Speak Your Tone” is the heart of ToneSpeak’s mission.  “Josh and I have talked about creating specific types of guitar speakers for many years”, Lucas said.  “We’ve spent countless hours discussing tonal characteristics with musicians and we finally have the opportunity to turn those discussions into speakers.  With MISCO, we’ve been given the opportunity to design with complete focus on the needs of the musician.  And that’s a really exciting thing for both of us.  We know it will excite our customers as well.”

 About MISCO

Seventy-two years ago (1949) Cliff Digre started the Minneapolis Speaker Company – now MISCO. A son of Norwegian immigrants who settled in Minnesota, his vision for the little company was bold—to challenge the traditional loudspeaker industry with more creative solutions and superior client service.

Today MISCO® is recognized as a global leader in OEM loudspeaker manufacturing. Well established as a supplier to manufacturers in varied markets such as Military, Medical, Aerospace, Mass Transit, Pro Audio, and others. MISCO is one of the few remaining US speaker companies to have resisted offshore migration of electronics companies.

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