Ray Benson Treated for Covid-19

Ray Benson Treated for Covid-19

Asleep at The Wheel co-founder/guitarist Ray Benson announced he has been infected with the Covid-19 virus and is being treated at home.

“I had become bedridden with headaches and extreme fatigue/dizziness, so I made an appointment with my doctor on March 21 to see what was up,” Benson said. “I got tests for flu, influenzas etc., and all came back negative. I then asked for a Cover 19 test, but they they didn’t have any! So I went home and hunkered down. Unfortunately, the symptoms kept occurring/progressing – extreme fatigue, headaches getting worse. I went back to the doctor on March 30 to do bloodwork and other tests. After not finding anything, I was finally given a Covid 19 test and was sent home. I got a call the next morning saying I’d tested positive! Luckily for me, nothing has progressed and I feel very lucky and optimistic about my situation. I’m still very fatigued/dizzy, but the doctor says if nothing further comes up, like elevated temperature, respiratory, cough etc., I should be in the clear in the coming weeks.”

He expressed frustration at the lack of available tests but felt fortunate to not have been around many people, adding that he was regularly washing/sanitizing his hands and keeping proper distance, etc.

“So, I’d like everyone to know that the symptoms don’t apply to everyone,” he said. “They didn’t for me!

“Please love each other and treat everyone with respect in this time of crisis. This is real and needs to be treated as such. Be safe, wash your hands, hunker down, and I look forward to getting out on the road and playing music with my band and seeing everyone, ASAP!”


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