Reverend Guitars Revolutionary New Bass with Mike Watt

Reverend Guitars Revolutionary New Bass with Mike Watt

TOLEDO, OH (December 19, 2019) – Reverend Guitars has released the Reverend Mike Watt Signature Wattplower Mark 2 – the next level of bass versatility. The Wattplower Mark 2 still has the fat tone and punch of the original Wattplower, but a new pickup configuration and pickup selector add brighter and deeper tonal options. The bridge pickup is a Reverend P-Blade pickup with an added extra coil towards the bridge for brighter tone and extra cutting power. The neck pickup is a Rio Grande Pitbull for deep, thick tone. A 3-way pickup selector toggles between two P-Blade configurations and the Rio Grande pickup. The Reverend Mike Watt Signature Wattplower Mark 2 is available in metallic emerald green.

The Reverend Mike Watt Signature Model Wattplower is a 30” scale bass with a smaller body that echoes the short scale vintage basses that Watt likes. He always modifies the vintage basses, so Joe Naylor designed the Wattplower with all his favorite mods on board. Some of the mods are an adjustable Hipshot A Style bridge, a brass bridge spacer for sustain and balance, and a front-mounted output jack with an oversized, heavy-duty jack plate. On the fretboard, there are extra dots at the fifth and twelfth frets for increased positional visibility, with an anchor inlay at the first fret and “wattplower” at the seventeenth. Luminlay dots are on the side of the neck that glow in the dark to help with excellent visibility on poorly lit stages.
Like all Reverend Basses, this bass has a Korina body. A Boneite nut and Hipshot Ultralight Tuners, and a dual-action truss rod are all for maximum performance. You can’t be different if you’re playing what everyone else is. Visit to start your journey towards being an individual.

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