Walrus Audio Iron Horse Distortion V2

Versatile Beast
Walrus Audio Iron Horse Distortion V2
Price: $199.00 (list)
Info: www.walrusaudio.com

Like virtually every distortion pedal on the market, Walrus Audio’s Iron Horse Distortion V2 will produce enough distortion to molest anyone’s ears, but this box differentiates itself from the distorting herd with its versatility. Three updated controls allow the user to fine-tune the Level, Tone, and amount of Distortion. The V2 can provide just a bit of hair on a guitar with single-coil pickups or cranked to all-out aural assault mode. The user can shape the sound to suit almost any application.

The Iron Horse V2 enters a crowded market with any number of very good distortion pedals at various price ranges. No two are alike, of course, and what works for one guitar-amp combo might not work for another. That said, the Iron Horse can achieve nuanced levels of distortion that are as good or better than those achieved by other pedals. Whether that makes this the perfect pedal for any person’s pedalboard depends on the person.

Those who decide the V2 is the perfect distortion pedal will own a high-quality, well-built, and attractive unit. The pedal has a billet-like sense of sturdiness – a quality often lacking in boutique pedals. The controls are sturdy and easy to use in a dimly lit studio or stage floor. A player won’t have to squat and squint while trying to make adjustments on the fly – something anyone who has had to fiddle with a pedal while the audience waits impatiently will appreciate.

And it’s attractive, with graphics by illustrator Adam Forster that strike a nice balance between bold and tasteful. This might seem a superficial consideration, but in a crowded market it can make a difference.

This article originally appeared in VG November 2017 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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