Sonic Youth – Goo (Deluxe Edition)

Goo (Deluxe Edition)

As we get older, reminders of the fact come fast and furious. The reissue of classic albums from our youth perhaps hits the hardest, as with this newly remastered deluxe edition of Sonic Youth’s landmark 1990 alt rock masterpiece, Goo. Seems like only yesterday…

Goo was the record that made Sonic Youth. The band’s eighth album, it was the first to break through the white noise of pop music. It was Sonic Youth’s first to receive major label distribution, and then its first to find a place on Billboard magazine’s Top 100 Albums chart. True-blue fans may not have cared, but it did bring the music to the attention of the rest of the world.

This two-CD set expands on the original album, re-releasing Goo’s 11 tracks in digitally remastered form. But that’s just for starters. The set’s gems are the 20 additional tracks – outtakes, B-sides, rehearsals, 8-track demos, and a tongue-in-cheek promo-only interview.

If you were a fan, you’ll want this disc – never mind the reminder of how much time has passed.

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