Guy Forsyth – Steak


This healthy serving of steak is pretty meaty. Bo Diddley’s rock and roll, dirge-like blues (and I mean that in a good way), acoustic country blues, jump blues, and blues-based rock mix to make an excellent album.
Guy plays all the slide, and there’s some great work – a rockin’ cover of Muddy’s “Louisiana Blues” features an extended jam that lets Guy show off those licks. The Tom Waits-esque “Mad” has great distorted, primitive guitar that propels the song beautifully. The lazy shuffle of “Cadillac” features a great solo that matches the very funny lyric. And, just to prove his versatility, the country rave-up “Lovin’ Dangerously” twangs along with excellent axe work.
Guy’s vocals and harp work are also stellar. “Makin’ Money” is as fun as it gets when you’re playing the blues.
This is a fine album. If you can’t find it, check out

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