Chet Atkins – Ten Different CDs

Ten Different CDs

This is the kind of thing that really excites me. One Way has taken 20 Chet Atkins albums from the early ’60s through the late ’70s and put them on 10 CDs. Two albums to every CD. A lot of this stuff I have on vinyl, but it’s been purchased at garage sales and such, and it’s not in great shape, so this is a godsend.

A quick listen to these will, if for some silly reason you had any doubts, reaffirm in your mind that Chet is one of the best and most influential guitarists ever.

My favorites? Well, I like ’em all, but the CD his albums with Jerry Reed stand out. Both were marvelous and played off each other wonderfully. Ditto the CD that holds the two albums he made with Les Paul.

You get the idea. Any of these 10 – hell, get ’em all – will suffice. Magnificent stuff by the master. The only complaint – and it’s a minor one – is the reproduction of the original album art. It is very small and requires a lot of concentration. But I’m willing to make that sacrifice to have all this stuff on CD. Highly recommended.

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