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Steve Gunn

Steve GunnDrawing inspiration from a decade on the road, guitarist-singer-songwriter Steve Gunn’s debut for Matador Records chugs along like a handsome old train, ending up in a spot perhaps best described as an Americana Television (Television, as in the seminal 1970s New York City band, not the medium). It’s fresh rock-folk, with guitars gloriously at the forefront.

Like his critically acclaimed 2014 release Way Out Weather, this collection finds Gunn on electric guitar (primarily) with a full band (as opposed to his solo acoustic albums of John Fahey-esque American primitive guitar). He’s moved away a bit from the slightly psychedelic, atmospheric vibe he frequently conjured on Weather. This is a crisper, dryer sound that’s complex but accessible, and melodically sublime.

Gunn continues to impress with his guitar playing, which is kind of a given with this dude, and continues showing growth in the songwriting, arranging, and vocal departments.

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