Dave Hole – Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In

Dave Hole’s new album is a firebreathing slide extravaganza. Armed with a ’72 Gibson ES-345, Hole returns to his fat, bluesy guitar tone.

Backed by bass, keyboards and drums, Hole sings lead on all the tunes and does a fine job. “Jenny Lee” starts things rolling with his literally over-the-top slide technique that favors Rory Gallagher. And that’s a compliment! Guitar boogiein’ on “He Knows The Rules” and “Living On Borrowed Time.” The title song resembles The Stones, “You Gotta Move” but apparently it’s not, but it’s still cool.

All the songs are Hole compositions with the exception of B.B. King’s “You Move Me So,” where drummer J. Mattes keeps a rollicking drum shuffle that just never stops. Dave pulls out his Dobro from the ’30s for the snappy acoustic blues of “Nobody.” The radio friendly “Walk Away” has a rhythm guitar with the crunchy tone that everyone will like. “Get A Job” tells the funny-but-true story that all of us guitar players can relate to; you know – pacifying everyone else so you can continue to play your guitar. Thanks, Dave. Tremolo laden slide guitar on a Bo Diddley-style shuffle with “Insomniac.” Hole finds his own voice on the beautiful slide intro and solo of “Out Of My Reach,” a love ballad with some fine lyrics.

This is truly worth the admission of owning this CD. Although Hole may resemble other guitarist on a few tunes, he does have his own sound. And boy, can he play!

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Sep. ’01 issue.

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