January 2008


The 1958-’62 Gibson ES-335TD
A true benchmark, the first semi-hollowbody was the result of inspiration derived from the willingness to listen to players while devising a guitar that resonated like a hollowbody while sustaining like a solidbody. By Ward Meeker

One Beautiful Voice, a Cavalcade of Great Guitarists
Her new box set includes standards as well as “orphans,” and documents the numerous superb guitarists who have played in her backup bands over countless albums, side projects, and collaborations. By Dan Forte

A Knack for Classic Guitars
The founding member of the Knack still tours with the band while also battling cancer. His instruments reflect his musical influences, and are outstanding not only for their history, but for their condition. By Willie G. Moseley

The Selmer Selectortone Automatic
The more one digs into British amps from the formative years of tone – the late 1950s and early ’60s – the more one comes to realize that those English engineers really had it going on. By Dave Hunter

In 1961, the Gibson Johnny Smith not only associated the company with one of the most popular guitar stylists of the day, it also brought high-quality amplification and high-quality acoustic sound together for the first time. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

A Look at Everyone’s First Guitar
In his new book, Neptune Bound: The Ultimate Danelectro Guide, author Doug Tulloch charts the adventures of Nat Daniel as he rode the electric guitar boom of the 1950s and ’60s to fame and fortune. By Eric C. Shoaf

If it hadn’t been for his serendipitous relationship with The Ventures, Semie Moseley might be just another obscure guitarmaker we’d scramble to identify. And we might not know anything about this circa 1971 Mosrite Stereo 350. By Michael Wright

The Gibson EB-3
Fender’s two-pickup Jazz Bass was introduced in 1960, and for years collectors have debated whether Gibson’s first two-pickup bass, introduced in ’61, was actually a “response” to the Jazz. By Willie G. Moseley


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Ted Nugent
Unleashed and Unrepentent
By Willie G. Moseley

Danny Draher
If You Want it Done Right
By John Heidt

The “Best Luthiers” on DVD
Variations on a Theme
By John Heidt

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Stax on DVD
Champions of Southern Soul
By Dan Forte

Chris Thile’s New Loar
By Steven Stone

Buddy Whittington
Mayall Mainstay Releases Solo Album
By Willie G. Moseley

Mark Knoll
It’s About Time
By John Heidt


The (Way) Back Beat
Portraits, Pre-“Invasion”By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

By Steven Stone

“401K” Guitars
25 Years of Collectibility
By Gil Hembree

Ernie Isley
By Wolf Marshall


Guitar Shop
Strap Locks
By Tony Nobles

Talkin’ Amps With…
Terry Kilgore: Five Ways to Improve the Tone of Your Amplifier
By David Jung


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Check This Action
Roots, Rock, Reggae
By Dan Forte

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