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Steve Earle
Guitar Talk
His life has seen peaks and valleys usually reserved for a soap-opera script. Now ensconsed in a comparatively laid-back life, his music is nonetheless punchy and opinionated, while his attitude toward guitars is evermore informed. Plus, we take a close look at his Martin M-21 signature model. By Dan Erlewine

The Masco MAP-15
Before anyone knew what the Platonic form of the electric guitar amplifier would ultimately be, many companies covered all bases, including Masco, which built guitar combos like this alongside its PA in the 1940s and ’50s. By Dave Hunter

1942 Martin D-45 Well-known as the Holy Grail of acoustic guitars, ironically, the D-45 was not the result of some historic moment of inspiration at Martin. In fact, the three key steps in its creation originated outside the company. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

A Guitar for Greeny
Investigating the background of a certain 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard has unearthed a fascinating story – and offers a glimpse into the emerging vintage-guitar market of the 1970s. By Werner Althaus

The Daion Headhunter HH-555
By the mid ’70s there was – on both sides of the Pacific – a plethora of small designers working on innovative guitars. Many, of course, never made it to the U.S. But the Daion Headhunter HH-555 did make the journey. By Michael Wright

The Bunker Pro-Bass Marketed before Steinbergers or Kramer Dukes, the Bunker Pro-Bass was radical for its time – even if it wasn’t all that radical for musician/inventor Dave Bunker, who was known for earlier developing the Touch Guitar. By Willie G. Moseley


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News and Notes
Travis Bean documentary, Museum of Making Music early-electrics exhibit, Roy Rogers guitar brings $460,000, In Memoriam, more!

John Scofield
One Road Leads to Another
By John Heidt

John Bigham
Representin’ Soul and R&B
By John Heidt

Trevor Rabin
See You at the Movies
By John Heidt

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Jan Akkerman
The Dutch Master on Focus, Framus, and Frets
By Pete Prown

Tales of the Quadracaster
Passion Conquers Physical Adversity
By Pete Prown

Jim Suhler
Atypical Texas Guitarist
By Willie G. Moseley

Scott Gorham
Still Dangerous!
By Lisa Sharken


The (Way) Back Beat
Burns, 1964: Nu-Sonics and Transistor Trials
By Peter S. Kohman

64 guitars with guts
1924 Francisco Simplicio
By R.E. Bruné

Q&A With George Gruhn

Security Versus Accessibility
By Steven Stone

Alex Lifeson
By Wolf Marshall

“401K” Guitars
The 1962 Epiphone Wilshire
By Gil Hembree


Talkin’ Amps With…
Sergio Hamernik: Transformers and Amp Tone
By David Jung

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Upstairs, Downstairs at Matt Umanov Guitars
By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
“Gretschification” of an Ibanez
By Will Kelly


The VG Hit List
CD, DVD, and Book Reviews: J.J. Cale, Jake Shimabukuro, Sharon Isbin, Rufus Huff, Dave Alvin, Webb Wilder, The Guitar Pickup Handbook, more

Check This Action
Bob Guida: 1954-2009
By Dan Forte

Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
PRS Amplifiers, Category 5 Andrew/Typhoon Joe, Blackout Effectors Fix’d Fuzz, Line 6 Spider III 30, St. Blues White Lightning, Hohner HTA490 Artist Washburn A20/Eagle reissues.

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