Radial Engineering Offers PZ-DI


Radial offers new PZ-DI.The Radial PZ-DI direct box is designed to work with all types of acoustic and orchestral instruments. Its three-position impedance-selector switch lets the player match load with the pickup and includes a 220k-ohm setting to warm up magnetic pickups, a 1 meg-ohm setting to replicate a classic DI, and a 10 meg-ohm setting to eliminate the squawk and peaks common with piezo transducers. A variable Lo-Cut filter helps dial out unwanted low-frequency sounds, while its Hi-Cut filter smoothes out the overly aggressive top-end produced by many active instruments. The PZ-DI works as a standard DI, with front panel ¼” input and thru connectors to interface with an electric bass and the stage amplifier plus XLR out to feed the PA. It runs on 48-volt phantom power with an internal switching supply that elevates rail voltage while reducing distortion. Its housing is 14-gauge steel. For more, go to PZ-DI.

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