Pacific Transformer Team Up With Guitar Amplifier Icon to Create a Direct-to-Consumer Product Line of Innovative Magnetics

Pacific Transformer Team Up With Guitar Amplifier Icon to Create a Direct-to-Consumer Product Line of Innovative Magnetics

ANAHEIM, CA, January 28, 2021— Pacific Transformer, a leading manufacturer of magnetic
components, announces it has partnered with George Alessandro to launch the brand’s first
product line of classic vacuum tube, guitar amp transformers for the most discerning,
tone-seeking musician and builders.
Through this strategic partnership, Pacific Transformer and George Alessandro will provide
power transformers, output transformers, chokes, and reverb drivers with a build and tonal
quality second to none. The product line known as Pacific Audio Magnetics will be
manufactured by hand in California using vintage-spec materials and will be offered in three
distinct lines. The vintage replica line will be comprised of sonic and electrical performance
reproductions of vintage magnetics from legendary amplifiers of the 1950s and 60s. The
evolution series will expand on the vintage replica line but offer additional features such as
support for international power, multi-volt taps, and improved materials to elevate sonics but will
remain as close to the original specifications as possible. The signature series are clean-sheet
designs with one mission: to make the best sounding magnetic component possible without the
limitations of following an existing model’s template. Each signature-line product will push the
limits using unique winding and manufacturing techniques often only seen in high-end studio
and audiophile equipment.
The initial product offering will cover all of the major classic amplifiers from America and
England and will offer upgrades for modern classics.
“Over the years, we have had the opportunity to help design and manufacture thousands of
transformers for legendary amp designers,” said Justin Richardson, CFO of Pacific Transformer.
“Many of our designs have made their way into amps that have won multiple awards and are
now highly collectible. We have been referred to as the industry’s secret sauce by many of our
customers but have only served OEMs up until now. With George, we felt between our
capabilities and his unparalleled knowledge of amplifier circuitry and ear, have the opportunity to
bring a truly unique direct-to-consumer line that will provide musicians a more inspiring tonal
pallet to craft their music from.”
“Having been referred to Pacific over 20 years ago by Ken Fischer of Trainwreck, I have relied
on Pacific Transformer to build the iron that serves as the foundation and heart of the guitar
amps I have built for our professional artists worldwide,” said, George Alessandro, Owner and
Principal Designer of Alessandro High-End Products. “This is an opportunity to remanufacture
the iron our industry desperately needs for vintage amp restoration and builders’ desire for more
electrically and sonically accurate recreations. Starting with vintage as our baseline and in the
spirit of Alessandro High-End Products, I will also look to elevate these designs, to offer the
highest electrical and musical performance available today.”

About Pacific Transformer
Since 1981, Pacific Transformer has remained a market leader in the field of custom
transformers, magnetic engineering, and power transformer design. For 40 years, the USA
based manufacturer has shipped more than 40 million world-class transformers and has
garnered a reputation for its innovative designs, exceptional build quality, and unequaled
customer service.

About George Alessandro
George Alessandro, Owner and Principal Designer of Alessandro High-End Products, has been
servicing vintage vacuum tube amplifiers for over 30 years and building the Alessandro line for
25+ now. Refining his specialty of restoring collectible, vintage amplifiers, George has worked
with and been relied upon to maintain the rigs of the greatest guitar players in Rock, Blues, and
Jazz history. With a passion and respect for the craftsmanship of the classic designs, George
blends vintage with advancements of modern materials and evolution of Audio-grade
components, to create more musical and higher performance products for the music Industry.

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