Bare Knuckle Pickups Intros Black Hawks



Black Hawk pickup 2

Designed in response to players’ demands for a pickup that embodied the transparency and output of an active, with the character and wide dynamic control of a passive, Bare Knuckle have launched the Black Hawk humbucker.Each coil of the humbucker has a pair of annealed nickel plated steel blades for even transfer of magnetism towards the strings to guarantee perfect string to string balance across the width of the pickup. Like all Bare Knuckles, the coils are scatter-wound by hand and then powered by a trio of custom calibrated magnets. This combination of coil design, winding technique and magnets ensure the Black Hawk humbuckers remain extremely reactive to pick dynamics and responsive to subtle changes of the volume pot. The Black Hawk creates a vast palette of contemporary tones suitable for playing styles as varied as fusion through to extreme metal. It is available in 6 and 7 string format and is suitable for all solid body and semi acoustic guitars.


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