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Seymour Duncan Sails Into VG Hall of Fame


Vintage Guitar today announced that Seymour Duncan has been inducted to its Hall of Fame. Each year, the magazine’s staff and readers select inductees in three categories – Player, Innovator, and Instrument. Duncan, who enters as an Innovator, shares recognition this year with Keith Richards and the Fender Deluxe Reverb. “Though he didn’t invent the […]

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Gretsch Introduces Roots Collection


Gretsch has announced its Roots Collection of acoustic instruments. The new family of banjos, mandolins, resonator guitars, ukuleles and Rancher acoustic guitars feature classically authentic Gretsch designs. The Gretsch Roots Collection’s five new banjo models evoke the company’s banjo models of the early (more…)

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Frank Gambale to offer “Heart and Soul” on Valentine’s Day


For the first time, Frank Gambale will team with his wife, singer/songwriter Boca, to create and deliver his first all-vocal, crossover Adult Contemporary album, Frank Gambale Soulmine featuring Boca. The album features R&B jazz-funk stylings, and Frank Gambale’s signature playing. An album Gambale has wanted to make for 30 years, Soulmine is an adult Contemporary […]

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The Doors with Albert King

Live In Vancouver 1970

Speaking of his work on David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, Steve Ray Vaughan once admitted that he wanted to see just how many places Albert King’s licks would work. “You know, they always fit,” he smiled. And that was true whether Albert or one of his better pupils were doing the playing.  A couple years prior […]

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FAA Bill Sets Policy for Instruments on Airplanes


Congress has passed legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration to create a uniform policy regarding musical instruments on airplanes. Any instrument that can be safely stored in the overhead compartment or under the seat may be brought on board as carry-on luggage. Additionally, the bill sets standard weight and size requirements for checked instruments, and […]

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Jimi Hendrix

Experience Hendrix/Legacy

To overlook Hendrix’ blues roots would be as misguided as to categorize him (as some do) as simply “a blues guitarist.” If that were the case, there’d no doubt be more than 11 blues tracks to compile for a Jimi “blues” album. In the DVD disc of this “Family Edition” of the ’94 release, Eric […]

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Bonnie Raitt Announces Tour


After the April 10 release of Slipstream, her first studio album in seven years, Bonnie Raitt will embark May 1 on the first leg of her 70-date tour. The first single from the album is a cover of the Gerry (more…)

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Rotosound Launches Guitar and Bass String Cleaners


Rotosound has launched a new string cleaner for guitar and bass. The tool has microfiber pads that works to remove dead skin, dirt, oil, and other contaminates without solutions or chemicals. The pads are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. The Rotosound Guitar String Cleaner is (more…)

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Richard & Linda Thompson

Shoot Out the Lights (Deluxe Edition)
Rhino Handmade

 In 1981, the Thompsons recorded their last and best album together, as their marriage was crumbling. So, even though some of the material dated to a couple of years prior, during happier times, R.T. was never big on traditional love songs; thus, the tension in the lyrics only fueled the intensity of the performances. Amazingly, […]

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Hangout Music Fest Announces 2012 Lineup and Hang Loose Band Competition


The Hangout Music Fest announced its 2012 lineup. Scheduled for May 18th, 19th and 20th on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama, the Fest will feature main stage headliners Dave Matthews Band, Jack White, and a soon-to-be-announced third act. Other artists include String Cheese Incident, Wilco, Dispatch, Steve Winwood, Flogging Molly, Coheed & Cambria, Young […]

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