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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Rick Fowler – Back On My Good Foot


The closing, extended version of Savoy Brown’s “Hellbound Train” is this set’s only cover, but it may be the set’s most revealing track. With so many blues guitarists aping the Vaughans, it’s refreshing to hear somebody wear his British blues influences on his sleeve. Atlanta-based Fowler is backed by organist Randall Bramblett’s group on much […]

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Andrew Winton – The Decompression Chamber


Based in Perth, Australia, this Dobro and lap steel specialist has obviously listened to some David Lindley, plenty of blues, and his neighbor (and former steel guitarist with Asleep At The Wheel), Lucky Oceans. On his third CD, in addition to handling vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Dobro and lap steel, drums and percussion, bass, […]

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Richard Bennett – Code Red Cloud Nine


As a guitarist, Richard Bennett is the best of all possible things; a modest, immensely skilled and empathetic player who is at home with the West Coast semi-bebop to A-list pop music, sophisticated rock, and country music session work. He even recorded with T-Bone Walker. On the 12 original instrumentals here, his jazz side is […]

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Big Dez – You Can Smile


For decades, France has welcomed expatriate American blues and jazz artists. It was inevitable that seeds would be sown; the results in jazz music going back at least as far as the 1930s, when Django Reinhardt was shaking it up with Le Qunitette du Hot Club. But not many Frenchmen have made names in the […]

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Gene Clark – Silverado ’75


In a band that at various times included Roger McGuinn, Clarence White, Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman and David Crosby, Gene Clark wasn’t overshadowed. He wrote some of the group’s most recognized songs, including “Feel A Whole Lot Better” and “8 Miles High.” Still, he seems to have spent much of his abbreviated career at the […]

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Kelly Richey – Carry the Light


Kelly Richey’s live shows are full-tilt affairs where Richey wrenches blistering lines from her Stratocaster, occasionally using a beer bottle as a slide. At the end, everyone is sweaty and satisfied. That’s the Kelly Richey of her first 10 albums. On her 11th, she shows her artsy side, with contemplative Robin Trower-like power ballads railing […]

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Dave Specter – Live In Chicago


For some time, Dave Specter has made great music that covers a broad spectrum of genres. Known as a blues guitarist, he has never shied from jazz or soul, and this live record finds him mining all types. The 10 cuts (13 on the DVD) are drawn from two appearances in 2007 and find Specter […]

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July 2009


FEATURES Steve Earle Guitar Talk His life has seen peaks and valleys usually reserved for a soap-opera script. Now ensconsed in a comparatively laid-back life, his music is nonetheless punchy and opinionated, while his attitude toward guitars is evermore informed. Plus, we take a close look at his Martin M-21 signature model. By Dan Erlewine […]

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