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Kentucky Headhunters – Songs From the Grass String Ranch


I’ve always loved the Headhunters. Yeah, they had some country hits, but to me they’ve always fit into the rock idiom as much as the country one. And this album doesn’t fight that designation (more…)

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Dusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis & Dusty in London


Ironically enough, these showed up in my mailbox on the day Dusty succumbed to breast cancer. Certainly one of the best pop/soul singers of the past 30 years, she has remained criminally underexposed. You (more…)

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Teisco Guitars, Part II

Rock 'n' Roll Dreams, Part II

Teisco Del Rey In 1964, the company name changed again, this time to Teisco Co., Ltd. At some point in ’64 the Japanese Teisco logo changed from the circle Swan-S to a stylized, modern sans-serif (more…)

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May 2002


FEATURES Gibson Harp Guitars Rare in Many Ways At the turn of the 20th century, Orville Gibson’s guitar company capitalized on the popularity of the harp by making what would come to be known as a “harp guitar.” By Timm Kummer and Ward Meeker The Different Strummer Standel Electric Guitars In the late ’60s, big […]

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