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Gibson Harp Guitars
Rare in Many Ways At the turn of the 20th century, Orville Gibson’s guitar company capitalized on the popularity of the harp by making what would come to be known as a “harp guitar.” By Timm Kummer and Ward Meeker

The Different Strummer
Standel Electric Guitars In the late ’60s, big solidstate amps were all the rage – especially those made by Standel. But few knew Standel was also marketing electric guitars. The story is fraught with holes and inconsistencies, but we do our best to unravel it. By Michael Wright

Guitars of the Cold War
Part II, Mirroring the West: The ’70s Through Today By the mid ’60s, Russian factories were making electric guitars. By the late ’70s, quality had improved, and in the late ’80s, private commerce was a reality. What’s the state of guitars in Russia now? By Ed Pitt

Robert Quine
Not Exactly a Household Guitar Name The Ohio-born guitarist played a crucial role in the New York punk scene of the ’70s, including as a member of the Voidoids, one of the most musically acclaimed bands of the original punk era. By Ken Johnson

Jon Dee Graham
Texas Punk, Texas Grunge, and Other Incongruities The guitarist/singer/songwriter is serious about his trade and enthusiastic about old guitars. He’s also big on family, and his persistence has begun to pay off in the polyglot Austin music scene. By Willie G. Moseley

Warren Haynes
The Mule Moves Forward When Allen Woody died, Gov’t Mule could have come to a halt. Instead, Warren Haynes became busier than ever, touring and recording with a host of players. One result is an album featuring bassists who were anxious to pay homage. By Willie G. Moseley

The Incomparable Billy Sheehan
Big Bottom He made his mark as a member of Talas, David Lee Roth’s band, and Mr. Big. After years as a prominent team player and songwriter, Sheehan recently released his very first solo album to rave reviews. By Lisa Sharken


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Executive Rock
Headless Basses and Hernias
By Willie G. Moseley

Classic Concerts
Ten Years After at Woodstock
By Glen Anderson

Q&A With George Gruhn
Identifying a Cromwell

Land of Wine, Women,
and Song… Maybe
By Steven Stone

Carl Perkins
By Wolf Marshall

Little-Known Wonders
The Tronix Wah
By Gary Nelson

Ampless in 2002
By Riley Wilson

The Bitter Old Guitar Curmudgeon
Tone Control Tweaks for Obssessive Freaks
By Stephen White


Guitar Shop
The Stew-Mac Acoustic Guitar Kit
By Tony Nobles

Tips for the Technically Challenged
By Gerald Weber

Pickup Questions
By Seymour Duncan

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


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