Reverend Rumblefish Bass

Striking semi-acoustic
Striking semi-acoustic

The Rumblefish is an electric bass model from Reverend Guitars, out of Michigan. This is a striking semi-acoustic in the best tradition of Danos and Silvertones, but has the finesse and feel of a $2,000 guitar – really impressive ergonomic body design, light and resonant due to its hollow design and phenolic composition, with twin jazz-type pickups and a definite ’50s vibe. Listing in the under-$800 range, our off-white beauty came with a gorgeous rosewood fretboard that played flawlessly. Played unamplified, it rang with sweet clarity, and put through its paces in a studio using an Ampeg SVT, the Rumblefish revealed a nice match of tones by blending the two pickups, from straight P-bass to a Jazz-bass sound. The neck was close to the Fender A-profile, very playable and friendly.

Altogether a fine experience, and light as it could be.

The pickguard is almost an homage to the National Map guitars…what they’ve nailed with this design is the retro feel and look, the cool odd shape, and the great satin-finished neck that feels 30 years old, and it all works. The banjo rest on the lower bout is a bit different, it’s comfortable to use, and I guess I’d rather have it than cut a slot in my arm from resting on the edge.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Oct. ’98 issue.

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