Kentucky Headhunters – Songs From the Grass String Ranch

Songs From the Grass String Ranch

I’ve always loved the Headhunters. Yeah, they had some country hits, but to me they’ve always fit into the rock idiom as much as the country one. And this album doesn’t fight that designation at all. I mean, the proceedings open with a mean old nasty, crunchy chord and some awesome rock soloing on “Grass String Ranch.” Greg Martin, as always, has the perfect tone, plays the perfect notes, and makes you want to smile that smile of recognition almost every time his fingers hit the strings.

The songs here run the gamut. From classic southern-rock power ballads (“I Wish I Knew”) with searing slide guitar to old-style bluesy rock ballads (“Too Much To Lose”) with a killer solo, to fun country rock, Headhunters style (“Country Life”), there’s something for everybody.

If you’re a fan of their first couple of albums, this is a welcome return from one of the really fun bands of the ’80s. And guitarists will love hearing what Martin does.

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