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Michael Wilton

Rebuilding the Queensrÿche Brand

The highly publicized firing of singer Geoff Tate from the band Queensrÿche has divided fans and spawned two touring bands using the name; Tate assembled a group of well-known sidemen, while the remaining members recruited frontman Todd La Torre. Guitarist Michael Wilton’s version of Queensrÿche recently released a self-titled album that marks a return to […]

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Popa Chubby

Head, Heart, and Hands

Popa Chubby is back on the road again, preaching the gospel to blues fans around the world. His new album, Universal Breakdown Blues, is a rollercoaster through the many facets of blues and rock. His stamp on tradition brings new life to the genre with a combination of tongue-in-cheek humor and mean guitar. Chubby plays […]

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Shuggie Otis

Return Of The Prodigy

The son of bluesman Johnny Otis, Shuggie Otis was born into a world of blues, R&B, nightclubs, and stages. As a guitar prodigy, he played in his father’s band, and as a teen was signed to Epic Records. The albums Here Comes Shuggie Otis, Freedom Flight, and Inspiration Information made him the most talked about […]

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Steve Howe

Yes: In The Present

Progressive-rock icons Yes are still going strong after more than 40 years of recording and performing. Throughout their reign as one of the most influential rock bands of all time, having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, they’ve endured personnel changes as well as stylistic changes. The current incarnation includes Benoit David on vocals, […]

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Paul Quinn

Relentless Persistence

For Paul Quinn, music begins and ends with the blues. The soft-spoken guitarist began playing by listening to British blues icons and helped make Saxon one of Europe’s biggest heavy-metal acts. Quinn has been there since the band’s inception in 1976, and it recently released its 20th album, Sacrifice. “It was good to make it,” […]

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience/Jimi Hendrix

Miami Pop Festival/Hear My Train A Comin'

Despite the ongoing effort to strap the name Jimi Hendrix to everything from vodka to golf balls, his story remains a great American saga. Like Robert Johnson and Charlie Christian before him, he burst upon the music scene like a meteor, then flickered out too soon. With the CD release of the live recording of […]

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Michael Lee Firkens


In 1990, Michael Lee Firkins’ first album made a monstrous splash in the guitar community. His soulful use of the tremolo bar showcased a signature style that has morphed to encompass more traditional guitar techniques. Yep is a Southern-rock opus 10 years in the making, with Firkins as producer, guitarist, and vocalist. His band includes […]

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Jim Campilongo

Dream Dictionary

Jim Campilongo’s tenth album is a stark and intimate portrait of an artist at the peak of his powers. Augmented by two acoustic tracks (“Suppose” and “One Mean Eye”), Dream Dictionary is a somber record filled with bite, strangled note selection, and tortured twang. Campilongo’s band features bassist Chris Morrissey and drummer Josh Dion. Norah […]

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Greg Howe

Return to Rock with Maragold

Greg Howe continues to evolve, pushing his artistry into fresh territory. One of the most successful artists on Shrapnel Records, Howe is following his unique vision and has created a catalog built on his unique style and diverse musical interests. With a stack of killer solo records and collaborations with Richie Kotzen, Victor Wooten, Dennis […]

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Joe Satriani

Unstoppable Momentum

After moonlighting with the super group Chickenfoot, Joe Satriani returns to his day job as solo artist extraordinaire with this new album, continuing his galactic reign as supreme commander of instrumental rock guitar. Unstoppable Momentum follows in the cosmic wake of Satch’s last album, 2010’s Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards. His band includes drummer Vinnie […]

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