Artists of the Year

Artists of the Year
Eric JohnsonEric Johnson
Awarded in 2018
In the September 2018 issue of VG, Eric Johnson discussed the big year that was his 2018 – a new album, playing a favorite album front to back by fan request, and helping create a version of the Stratocaster that had players enthusiastically asking, “What took so long?” Truly, E.J. was rollin’. Find all the details in the 2018 VG Readers’ Choice Awards.
Allan HoldsworthAllan Holdsworth
Awarded in 2017
Holdsworth’s liquid style was first noticed in Tempest and then a succession of ’70s fusion-oriented bands like Gong, Soft Machine, Tony Williams New Lifetime, and Jean-Luc Ponty. Whispers of his genius exploded at the end of the decade, when he joined two hugely influential bands – U.K. and Bruford. Find all the details in the 2017 VG Readers’ Choice Awards.
Brian SetzerBrian Setzer
Awarded in 2016
For 35 years, Brian Setzer has embodied American retro rock, whether with the Stray Cats or his roots-rock solo work in the ’80s, the jazzy/big-band tinge of the Brian Setzer Orchestra he started in 1990, his annual Christmas forays, or the recall in his recent work. Find all the details in the 2016 VG Readers’ Choice Awards.
Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani
Awarded in 2015
VG featured Joe Satriani as his latest album, Shockwave Supernova was beginning to hit eardrums around the world. A concept effort noted by interviewer Oscar Jordan for tunes that bridged the gap between traditional blues and the fiery compositions adored by Satch fans, it offered a host of new elements. Find all the details in the 2015 VG Readers’ Choice Awards.
Joe BanamassaJoe Bonamassa
Awarded in 2014
Symbolic of the modern blues guitarist, he has a nose-to-the-grindstone attitude required to be a successful musician in the 21st-century. He’s a record-label head, oversees the Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, and in the last 13 years has released 15 solo albums (in 2013 alone, he released four concerts on video). And his tools are all vintage! Find all the details in the 2014VG Readers’ Choice Awards.

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