Harvey, Pro Tone Offer DBH Tremolo pedal


Pro Tone Pedals and rockabilly guitarist Danny B. Harvey have developed an all-analog tremolo pedal with Vactrol opto-isolator design. Features include an LED indicator pulsates with tremolo speed for easy tempo setting, an internal trim control to fine-tune speed settings, AC or DC operation, and controls for;
• Speed: rate of the effect, from a slow swell, to a rapid stutter
• Depth: controls the amount of dip from an imperceptible dip in volume to a remove-the-air-from-the-room throb.
• Space: adjusts the space between volume swells
• Volume: overall boost or cut. Cut your volume for an ambient effect, or boost your volume to push your amp into overdriven Link Wray territory.

Pro Tone Pedals are hand-made in the U.S. with true-bypass switching, and a five-year warranty. Learn more at ProTonePedals.com.

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