Have Guitar Will Travel 065 – Steve Conte

Have Guitar Will Travel 065 – Steve Conte

“Have Guitar Will Travel” episode 65 features host James Patrick Regan speaking with guitarist/vocalist Steve Conte. An educated jazzer and proficient solo artist, for his new album, “Bronx Cheer,” Conte teamed with fellow guitarist Chris Spedding and drummer Charlie Drayton. Conte himself started on drums as a kid, but jumped to guitar and has backed Paul Simon, Billy Squire, Willie DeVille, Peter Wolf, and the New York Dolls both with original frontman David Johansson, and now, with Michael Monroe. For more than 20 years, he has also sung and played music for the sci-fi series/movie “Cowboy Bebop” and other animé programs. Always a gearhead, they talk about the instruments and amps that have accompanied him throughout his career. Listen Here!

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