Levy’s Hemp Straps


Levy’s introduced its new hemp straps with fabric made from 100% hemp that are cruelty-free and completely organic. This new line reflects Levy’s sustainability efforts and appreciation for the environmentally-conscious fans. Levy’s also launched a social giveaway with the hemp strap line to celebrate earth day, April 22, and spread positivity in a time when it is needed most. The giveaway will run until April 27. 
“The hemp line is the perfect accessory to jam and have that extra layer of feel-good,” said Crystal Morris, CEO of Gator Co., which owns Levy’s. “The Hemp straps feature beautifully crafted designs like ocean waves, sunsets, and Egyptian papyrus. The line focuses on Levy’s artistry with the best natural and earth-friendly materials available.” 

The Hemp straps feature 2-ply supportive natural cork ends with silver metal slide-and-loop hardware that are stylish and provide a natural feel. The back of the strap features a 2.5”- tall pocket for easy- access storage. 
The hemp straps are available online and from Levy’s dealers. 


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