SonoTone Launches Fusion Series Premium Electric Guitar & Bass Strings

SonoTone Launches Fusion Series Premium Electric Guitar & Bass Strings

Anaheim, California, January 18, 2020 — SonoTone, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer of boutique, premium guitar strings, has debuted its Fusion series of electric guitar and bass strings, offering serious musicians, hobbyist players and vintage guitar collectors the opportunity to outfit their new, used or vintage instruments with strings formulated to stretch the tonal potential of any guitar.

Now the string of choice for professional guitar players like Camilo Velandia, in addition to a growing legion of professional and amateur musicians, vintage instrument collectors and tone aficionados, SonoTone Fusion series strings will project a sound that is more flexible and harmonically vibrant — with a punchy, responsive attack to give players enhanced expressiveness and articulation.

In addition to improving a guitar’s overall sound, players will feel the difference as soon as SonoTone Fusion series strings have settled in to the guitar. Made with the highest-quality materials available, SonoTone premium strings combine a higher percentage of iron and nickel, as well as a custom wrap, strengthening the strings’ magnetic properties while providing plenty of warmth. Whether players use SonoTone Fusion series strings for country, rock, jazz, blues, fusion or all of the above, SonoTone strings remain pliable and vibrant for the entire duration each string-set’s lifespan.

Now available for purchase directly from, SonoTone Fusion series electric guitar and bass strings are available in four gauge sets (9-42, 10-46, 10-52, 11-48); Fusion series standard 4-string bass guitar strings (45-105).
Visit SonoTone for more information.

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