Have Guitar Will Travel – 010 Featuring You Me At Six

Have Guitar Will Travel – 010 Featuring You Me At Six

You Me At Six released their new album VI in October that debuted at Number 6 on the UK album chart, marking the band’s 5th UK Top 10 Album, they’ve notched an unparalleled 15 consecutive A-List singles on BBC Radio One, they have a rabid fanbase with over 1.1 million Facebook likes and have gained a reputation as one of the best live bands in the UK. In this episode of “Have Guitar Will Travel” James interviews You Me At Six guitarists Max Helyer and Chris Miller. Max plays through a traditional amp/pedal system with Fender guitars while Chris plays through the Kemper system based on amps he owns at home in Surrey, England. Chris plays his Ibanez model guitar that bares his name! They both have quite an extensive guitar collection at home.

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