Chuck Rainey Chooses GR Bass Amplification

Chuck Rainey Chooses GR Bass Amplification
Chuck Rainey
Chuck Rainey
Chuck Rainey

Austin, Texas (July 1, 2019) – Chuck Rainey, the legendary studio bassist, live rhythm section member and music educator, has joined other critical bass players in choosing GR Bass amplification, a boutique manufacturer of bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets and combo amplifiers made in Italy. “Chuck had been searching for amplification to reproduce the sounds of his 5-string basses and his vintage 4-string basses with accuracy. He wanted an amplifier that produced a full-range, natural, pure sound that would allow him to hear the sound of his bass, his hands and strings.”, according to John Files of Sonata Marketing/GR Bass USA.

Rainey is using the GR Bass DUAL800 amplifier through a GR112H/GR210 speaker combination. The two channels of the DUAL800 allow him to use the amplifier in his teaching and educational clinics where the second channel is used for his backing tracks. In a live situation he can dial in the EQ on one channel for his modern 5-string basses and the second channel for his vintage 4-string basses if he chooses to. “Chuck really needs a speaker cabinet that is powerful and full range (employing low frequency drivers and a tweeter) as well as being lightweight.”, Files states. All of the GR Bass equipment fulfills those specific needs.

About Chuck Rainey:

At one time tagged as the hardest working bass player in America, Chuck Rainey’s bass playing on successful television shows, motion pictures and recordings illustrate his well-known and legendary style, feel and concept for the instrument and it’s role in organized music. His unique bass lines accent numerous commercials and are an integral part of today’s music across many music viewing and listening fronts.

Learning to play the guitar while on military active duty eventually led him to professionally play the guitar with local bands in Youngstown and Cleveland. He began to play the ‘electric’ bass instrument after it was obvious that his skills were more valuable playing single note patterns, which he displayed as a guitar player.

His arrival in New York City during the spring of 1962 coincided with the beginning of a new era in American commercial music. After a 3 and a half-year stint with legendary FT. Worth sax man King Curtis in New York, Chuck began an illustrious career as a ‘sideman’ in the recording studio along with Bernard Purdy, Eric Gale, Richard T., Donny Hathaway, Paul Griffen and Herb Lavelle to name a few. Without any argument, he is the most recorded bass player in the history of recorded music and is the most imitated by bass players as a whole.

During the period 1963 thru 1971, Chuck toured and/or recorded with some of the most prominent artist of that era. They include King Curtis, Sam Cooke, Etta James, The original Coasters, Jackie Wilson, Harry Bellefonte, Al Kooper, The Supremes, Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and Quincy Jones. As a member of ‘The King Curtis All Stars’, the second Beatle Tour of the US took him to Los Angeles.

Moving in 1972 from New York to Los Angeles as a member of Quincy Jones big band, his career as a studio musician continued to grow. Additionally, his unique style brought him opportunities in the television and film industries where he can be heard performing on musical themes and in the source music of numerous motion pictures, television series and sitcoms, along with radio and TV advertisements. he also has composer, arranger and production credits in his career.

The ‘Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame’ yearly inducts the legends of Rock music. As of 2003, Chuck Rainey’s bass lines and rhythm influence are the documented backbone of the original hit recordings of the following artist and the year they were inducted: Aretha Franklin (1987), Marvin Gaye (1988), The Jackson 5 (1997), The Rascals (2000), Steely Dan (2001).

At this time now, no side musician enjoys more legendary honor, prestige, fame or current influence in music. Rainey’s discography includes over 12,000 albums, and 149,000 songs that he has helped bring to life on the bass guitar.

GR Bass amplification can be found at the finer music retailers in the USA. You can get more information by contacting Sonata Marketing at, emailing or calling 512-873-8043.

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