The JangleBox J-Boost

Seamless Sheen
The JangleBox J-Boost
Price: $215 (list)

Twelve years ago, Janglebox founder Steve Lasko set out to create effects pedals that capture the sparkling clean chime made famous by bands like The Beatles and The Byrds. Since then, his company has evolved to offer more ways to enhance the electric guitar’s sonic capabilities.

The J-Boost Non-Compression Clean Boost is the perfect companion to the JangleBox compressor line (or any compressor pedal). Designed to offset the lack of output when dialing in low-level compression settings, the J-Boost allows the player to maintain a desired flavor of compression without sacrificing volume. The J-Boost also lets the user lower their compressor’s attack to a lighter setting. Once engaged, the J-Boost serves opulent output with all the squish intact.

Made in the U.S., the true-bypass J-Boost has four knobs offering simplicity and flexibility; its Master, Treble, Mid, and Bass controls are accompanied by an input for a 9-volt adapter, all in a small enclosure.

The J-Boost is an EQ boost as well as a volume boost, providing lots of shaping and control. The output is immaculate and can be used as a treble booster, a mid boost, or for cranking up the bass. In testing, it added vitality to flabby lows and warmed up screechy highs. It’ll push an amp to slight breakup with a sharp richness and clarity and add a new dimension to distortion pedals.

With a compressor’s settings fine-tuned at a gig, the J-Boost goosed the compressor’s personality, making it much more prominent. Once thought too subtle to make an audible difference amid the wash of frequencies and chaos of club noise, the compressor’s unique qualities came to life, with the J-Boost pushing it to shine in all its taut, strangled glory.

Indeed, the JangleBox J-Boost is a fine pedal that provides a seamless volume increase and sheen to any rig.

This article originally appeared in VG February 2017 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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