August 2002



Three Sevens, Revisited
Gibson’s L-7C, L-7P, and L-12 Introduced in 1948 as the cutaway version of the successful L-7, it set the course for fancier versions – all of which met with limited interest despite their beauty. By L.B. Fred

The Different Strummer
’60s Short Stories Excelsior, Cipher, and the Shaggs: three interesting chapters in guitar history. By Michael Wright

Frank Gambale
Thunder From Down Under Weaned on the electric blues of Mayall, Clapton, and Hendrix, he went from GIT grad of the year to fame as one of the heavy hitters of jazz fusion. By Don Zulaica

John Paul Jones
An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he was an arranger, composer, and session player who worked with many of the most prominent artists of the ’60s before teaming with Jimmy Page to form Led Zeppelin. By Lisa Sharken

Tony Levin
Stickin’ With the Low-End From his experiences with upright basses in classical and jazz, through his ongoing efforts with a Chapman Stick and Music Man electric basses, he has been a force to be reckoned with for decades. By Willie G. Moseley

Dave Davies
Bitten By the Bug They say good things are worth the wait. The Kinks co-founder’s first solo studio album in nearly 20 years is a good example. By Arlene R. Weiss

Glen Burtnik
Styx Southpaw (and much more!) His assimilation into Styx is only the tip of the iceberg concerning his musical experience. By Willie G. Moseley

Dealer Profile
Art Wiggs: An Itch for Gretsch Art Wiggs is best known for his relationship with Gretsch guitars. This is the story behind a vintage guitar renaissance man. By Preston L. Gratiot

Dad and His Strat: A Reunion
VG’s deference to fathers and the guitar, including one exceptional story of the reuniting of a father and his ’55 Fender Stratocaster.


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Am I An Artist or a Craftsman?
By Jeff Walz

Executive Rock
Tommy: Words and Chronology
By Willie G. Moseley

Q&A With George Gruhn
The All-Gold Goldtop

Michael Kelly
Dragonfly Mandolin
By Steven Stone

Tal Farlow
By Wolf Marshall

Seagull S6+
By Riley Wilson

The Bitter Old Guitar Curmudgeon
Demon Wang Bar Redux
By Stephen White


Vintage Tube Amp Design Flaws
By Gerald Weber

Guitar Shop
Helpful Shop Pointers
By Tony Nobles

Pickup Questions
By Seymour Duncan

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
Bad Cat Hot Cat amp, Rivera Fandango, Frantone Peachfuzz, Summit Guitar Pack, eMedia Guitar Songs

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The latest cool new stuff!

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Record, Video, and Book Reviews

Check This Action!
Steel Drivin’ Men
By Dan Forte

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