Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp

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Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp

Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp

Headway EDB-2 Equalizer Direct Blend Preamp
Price: $475 (retail)/$320 (street)
Info: www.headwaymusicaudio.com

Designed in England and manufactured in Korea, the Headway EDB-2 is a 5.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″ box with a feature set that makes it ideal for acoustic guitarists who need an ultra-low-distortion connection to a PA or sound-reinforcement amplifier.

The EDB-2 has three inputs: Channel 1 supports a standard .25″ two-connector phone guitar cable, while Channel 2 supports a microphone (either powered or unpowered) and has both XLR and .25″ stereo phono inputs. The third input is a mini-stereo connection for an iPod or other music player. For outputs, the EDB-2 has a balanced mono XLR and a single-ended mono 1/4″ connection.

The EDB-2 is powered by two 9-volt batteries for up to 150 hours of playtime with lithium (50 hours with standard alkali), or via an 18-volt AC wall wart (supplied with the unit). Controls include Gain knobs for each channel, a Master gain control, a Notch Filter section that can be set for either channel, five-channel EQ/tone controls for either or both channels, individual channel phase reversal, three impedance settings for both channels, a Range slide switch with three fixed frequency ranges that curtail low-frequency extension, selectable 18-volt phantom power for the microphone channel, a Mute switch, ground lift, and an On/Off switch. The EDB-2 also includes LEDs to designate whether the unit is on, as well as the status of the notch filter, mute, and phantom power.
While the EDB-2’s features and control functions are impressive, what’s inside the EDB-2 is even more important – the unit uses field-effect transistors (FETs) and Class A input amplifiers, which are more commonly found in high-end audio components. If you need an extremely quiet and clean DI box, the Headway EDB-2 should be on your must-audition list.

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