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VG Reader Survey
Welcome to the Vintage Guitar magazine 2010 Reader Survey. Our magazine can only be successful if it is timely, informative, and interesting in the eyes of its readership. The information you provide here is crucial to how we plan future content. Rest assured, your responses will be kept confidential.

2. Departments

Reader Mail

3. First Fret News

4. VG Price Guide

5. Upcoming Events

6. Classified Ads

7. Builder profiles

8. Reader’s Gallery

9. Columns:

George Gruhn’s “Q&A”

10. Steven Stone’s “Acousticville”

11. Wolf Marshall’s “Fretprints”

12. Peter Kohman’s “Way Back Beat”

13. Tech Columns:

Dan Erlewine’s “Guitar Rx”

14. David Jung’s “Talking Amps…”

15. Will Kelly’s “Hard Knocks”

16. Reviews:


17. “Hit List” Music/Book Reviews

18. Dan Forte’s “Check This Action”

19. Feature/Interviews:

Amp profiles

20. Artist interviews

21. Instrument profiles

22. Guitar collection features

23. “Guitars With Guts”

24. What level of interest do you have in regard to future publication of the following types of articles:

Player interviews

25. Guitar Features

26. Amplifier features

27. Guitar tech articles

28. Amp tech articles

29. Builder profiles