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Jim Byrnes

Everywhere West
Black Hen

On the heels of 2009’s Walking Stick, Byrnes once again displays his expertise at all aspects of making blues and soul music. Byrnes is an excellent guitarist as he proves here, particularly on Jimmy Reed’s “Take out Some Insurance on Me Baby” and his (more…)

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Harrison Amp Set for Auction


A Vox UL730 amplifier and cabinet used for the Beatles Revolver and Sgt. Pepper recording sessions is set for sale December 15 the London auction house, Bonhams. The amp was only recently discovered to have been used by the Beatles, “Very few amps used by the (more…)

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Sonic Edge Intros Fluffer, FXUL8R


The new Sonic Edge Fluffer is an isolation buffer that reduces the loading effect caused by stacking multiple effects in a pedalboard. The company’s FXUL8R adds effects without the need for a built-in effects loop. It provides three options for feeding an amplifier signal: a JFET-buffered direct out, a mic preamp, and a blend of […]

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Bee Gees


When the Bee Gees were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1997, Barry Gibb acknowledged that they are “the enigma with a stigma.” Indeed, to find a musical act that has gained such enormous popularity while eliciting such passionate (more…)

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Pierre Bensusan

Dadgad Music

For 30 years, Bensusan has been one of the wonders of the acoustic universe, a player so melodic, full, and lyrical that his solo playing often negates the need for an entire band. Vividly keeps the magic going, as the French fingerstylist performs new gems (more…)

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Jeffrey Foucault & Lisa Olstein

Cold Satellite

Cold Satellite is a concept album with songs co-written by Jeffrey Foucault and Lisa Olstein. Longtime friends, they began to collaborate in 2007, when Olstein sent Foucault a bunch of unpublished poems plus snippets of poems. Foucault sat with his guitar and began to (more…)

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Widmusic Offers Pick Bag


The Pick Bag is an organic-rubber cover that fits most guitar picks and allows players to modify the grip of their pick for better feel and control. It’s easy to remove and reusable. Check it out at the thepickbag.com. (more…)

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Grateful Dead Partners with Dunlop


Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment have partnered with Dunlop to create pick tins with Grateful Dead artwork. Each tin includes six medium-gauge Tortex guitar picks with Grateful Dead imagery, including Steal Your Face, Skull and Roses, the Dancing Bears, and the Stanley-Mouse-designed (more…)

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Flat Fish

If you’re a member of Pan-Americans, “among others” is part of your resume – in terms of bands you belong to as well as instruments (and roles) played in them. The band’s ad hoc leader is Joao Erbetta, singer/guitarist with Sao Paulo’s Los Pirata and producer (more…)

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MXR Intros Custom Badass Modified OD


The MXR Custom Badass Modified Overdrive is an overdrive circuit with modern modifications including a 100-hertz cut/boost control and a Bump switch that engages an alternate EQ voicing to boost lows and mids. Learn more at

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