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Jim Heath

A Reverend By Any Other Name

Photo courtesy of Atomic Music Group. Jim Heath is better known to most folks as psychobilly guitar fiend The Reverend Horton Heat. But on his latest release, he morphs into Reverend Organdrum and, as you’d expect, with the change of identity comes a change in (more…)

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Ibanez MC500 Musician


Ibanez MC500 Musician. Ahhh, the late 1970s… While many vintage guitar enthusiasts disdain the guitars from the “Me Decade” in favor of undeniably cool classics from the 1950s and ’60s, the ’70s was in many ways one (more…)

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Jim Stringer And The AM Band


It’s a slight generalization, but if you’re going to make a living playing music for any length of time, you pretty much have to do one of two things: concentrate on one thing and make that your (more…)

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Lee Ritenour

40 Years of Keepin'

Lee Ritenour. Lee Ritenour’s solo career continues to glide along with the release of his latest record, Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors, which contains exactly what we’ve come to expect from the veteran guitarist – and a lot more. “It’s really, for lack of a better word, (more…)

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Veleno Original


1974 Veleno Original, serial number 90. Photo: Michael Wright. Electric guitars have their roots in resonator guitars made with metal bodies and aluminum resonator plates – the first commercially successful electric guitars were Ro-Pat-In’s Electro “frying pan” lap steels, made out of aluminum. And Wandré Pioli, (more…)

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Murry Hammond – I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m On My Way


As a solo artist, Murry Hammond is a blend of Leonard Cohen and Jimmie Rogers. The acoustic-based songs on this album aren’t as lively as his work with his former band, Old 97s, but they’re far from lifeless. Rather, they’re more contemplative and suited to Hammond’s (more…)

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Martin 000-30


1919 Martin 000-30. Photo: Kelsey Vaughn. Instrument courtesy George Gruhn. When a guitar maker introduces an innovative new feature at the same time an appealing, existing feature is being discontinued, the result can be a rare configuration of specifications. Although Martin introduced the (more…)

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Jesse Ed Davis

Guitar Hero's Guitar Hero

Photo: Neil Zlozower. The term “musician’s musician” gets bandied about a lot, but in the case of the late Jesse Ed Davis, “guitar hero’s guitar hero” might be more accurate. His tasty slide on Taj Mahal’s rendition of “Statesboro Blues” provided the blueprint (more…)

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Brent Rowan

Nashville Trail Blazer

Photo: Rusty Russell Brent Rowan is a 29-year veteran of the recording industry who has worked with legendary country artists including George Jones, Glen Campbell, Chet Atkins, and George Strait, as well as current country superstars like Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Brooks & Dunn. (more…)

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Gretsch Astro Jet


1964 Gretsch 6126 Astro-Jet, serial number 64016. Photo: Michael Wright. “Meet George Jetson! And his boy Elroy!” The year was supposed to be 2062 AD, but it was really 1962 when the catchy theme song introducing the characters in the Hanna-Barbera television (more…)

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