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Deke Dickerson – King of the Whole Wide World


Roots-rocker Dickerson has cranked out solo albums (along with his Dave & Deke Combo output prior to that, not to mention his recordings with Untamed Youth in his teen years) with such frequency and consistently high quality it’s almost annoying. He sings great, plays killer guitar, (more…)

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Steve Miller Band – Live From Chicago


Producer/director Daniel E. Catullo has helmed DVD presentations from Godsmack, Rush, and the Dave Matthews Band. On this set (CD and two high-def DVDs in 5.1 surround) he utilizes that experience and state-of-the-art technology to present the five-man Steve Miller Band in footage from a 2007 (more…)

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Amy Lennard – I Need To Love


Amy Lennard writes with the declarative clarity and unvarnished eloquence of a musical Stephen Crane. But don’t let the literary comparison mislead, she’s no smarty-pants poseur, no distaff Beck. Lennard, a native New Yorker, is a straight shooter. Her country-flavored “singer/songwriter rock” has crackling energy and (more…)

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Dave Alvin – West of the West

The Great American Music Galaxy

Dave Alvin is one of America’s best songwriters, and as such runs the risk of alienating casual fans when he does an album of covers. But then again, maybe not… The idea with his newest disc, West of the West, is to pay tribute to songwriters from (more…)

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Michael Burks – Iron Man


Michael “Iron Man” Burks isn’t the first or last talented musician to have to work a straight gig for most of his adult life, delaying the doing of what he was obviously born to do. Burk’s nickname is appropriate for someone who stuck to his guns (more…)

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October 2009


FEATURES In Detail The Gretsch 1955-’61 White Walcon When it came to fancy electric guitars in the ’50s, Gibson and its Super 400 were ensconced as the undisputed King of the Hill. Through the years, though, others did pose the occasional challenge. This hotrod designed by Gretsch and Jimmie Webster is one example. By Ward […]

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Jeff Barone – Open Up


What happens when a classical guitar player goes jazz? If it’s Jeff Barone, the answer is he brings a classical sensibility to the jazz and creates one of the most listenable and accessible CDs of this decade. There’s no real secret here. Barone surrounds himself with a (more…)

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