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The Gretsch 1955-’61 White Walcon
When it came to fancy electric guitars in the ’50s, Gibson and its Super 400 were ensconced as the undisputed King of the Hill. Through the years, though, others did pose the occasional challenge. This hotrod designed by Gretsch and Jimmie Webster is one example. By Ward Meeker

Rick Derringer
Six-String Knight
His latest musical offering is an amazingly varied album highlighted by top-notch playing. And it reflects his attitude – confident moving forward and comfortable looking back. By John Heidt

George Fullerton (1923-2009)
Guitar Icon
In his decades-long association with Leo Fender, he helped design the Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Precision Bass, thus ensuring his place in history. By Willie G. Moseley

The Montgomery Ward 55 JDR 8437
Another of the creative alternatives from the days before the cement had dried in the template for “the guitar amplifier,” this head-turner is known variously as the Danelectro Commando, Ward’s Airline GDR-8518A, or as you see it here. By Dave Hunter

The Stromberg G-5
In the big-band era of the late ’30s and ’40s, Stromberg represented the ultimate instrument – in size, at least. But this smaller G-5 from the ’50s may be equally important, not only in Stromberg history, but the overall history of the guitar. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

The España 6/12 Doubleneck
It’s not clear when the first doubleneck guitars were made, but more is always better, right? That’s the premise behind this remarkable instrument from circa 1970. By Michael Wright

Matching Mojo
Matching guitars and basses always have an extra “cool” factor, but G&L’s original SB-1 bass and SC-3 have interesting similarities beyond their looks. By Willie G. Moseley


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James Burton Festival, Fender HoF, Guitar Club International, Brent Mason, Cheap Trick, In Memoriam, more!

Ian hunter
New Music and a Mott Reunion
By Willie G. Moseley

Otis Taylor
Not-So-Silly Love Songs
By John Heidt

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Michael Schenker
Acoustic Album, Electric Gear
By Pete Prown

Woodstock Turns 40
Twenty-Some Hours of Peace & Music
By Dan Forte

The Guitarists of Michael Jackson
By Pete Prown

Drake Levin
The Good Fight
By Willie G. Moseley


The (Way) Back Beat
Burns, Late ’60s: Baldwin and Decline
By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

Michael Schenker, The UFO Years
By Wolf Marshall

Guitars With guts
Mandolin Orchest
1904 José Ramírez I
By R.E. Bruné

“401K” Guitars
Mandolin Orchestra
By Gil Hembree

Wedding-Bell Blues
By Steven Stone


Talkin’ Amps With…
Andy Brauer: Sleeper Amps, Part 2
By David Jung

DAn’s Guitar Rx
Something Old, Something New
By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
Top-Tier Tech Tricks
By Will Kelly


The VG Hit List
CD, DVD, and Book Reviews: Richard Thompson, Rick Derringer, Little Richard, Wilco, Tennesse Bo Diddley, Robert Bradley, By The Time We Got To Woodstock, more!

Check This Action
An American Institution
By Dan Forte

Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
Carr Raleigh, Godin Kingpin 90, Fluxtone, Leslie G37, J.L. Smith electric mandolin, Peavey Sensation 20, Redentore Santissimo, Digitech Timebender

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