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Here is my (current) guitar collection, as I have owned/purchase/traded well over 100 different guitars. No closet classics here, all are played and enjoyed as I feel they should be. Hope you all enjoy.

No acoustic guitar shown as I recently sold mine and I am in process of getting another.
Guitars Listed from Left to Right, Back to Front

1 2001 Gibson Les Paul Gary Moore, Lemonburst
2 1991 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic Plus, Transparent Red with a great AA flame top but does not show well in this pic.
3 1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst, loaded with Seymour Duncan pu’s. This is my favorite and has the most value to me as it was purchased for me by my wife shortly after we first met, she surprised me with it. She also allows me to have these guitars which I call my kids, (we have no children). What a woman huh?
4 2005 Gibson 58 Reissue Custom Authentic Cherry Sunburst
5 2001 Gibson Les Paul 57 RI Gold Top
6 2000 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Rosewood McCarty Tobaccoburst w/Moons signed by Paul on control cavity cover(non 10 top but should be)
7 2000 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Trem McCartyburst w/birds.( also non 10 top but should be)
8 2007 Paul Reed Smith Modern Eagle Faded Blue Jean
9 2002 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Orange 10 top w/birds, trem.
10 1983 Knut Koupee’ (former guitar store in Minneapolis) Custom Built Les Tele, Les Paul Body w Left hand Tele Neck, Solid Brazilian Rosewood neck-fingerboard, Honduras Mahogany Body with Zebrawood top. EMG 81/85 Humbuckers and Floyd Rose. Originally had a Tele pu configuration with a single coil in bridge but I replaced with the humbucker.
11 1988 Charvel Model 5A Fire Crackle Finish, set neck not bolt on, 1 of only 200 made. Original pu’s replaced with DiMarzio’s.
12 2006 Warmoth Strat body in Metallic Black Cherry, Birdseye Maple Tung oil finished neck w/Floyd Rose and EMG pu’s (put this one together myself)
13 1982 Gibson Flying V2, Mahogany body with Ebony Fingerboard. I’ve had this one the longest and is my 2nd favorite and best playing/sounding guitar I’ve ever played. My old stage guitar and also one of the few I’ve see with Humbuckers instead of the V shaped pickups. Seymour Duncan pu’s, 59 in neck, Duncan Custom in Bridge. Original Gibson tuners replaced with Mini Schallers.
14 1989 Fender 1962 Reissue Stratocaster Ocean Turquoise w Lindy Fralin pickups and ACME Guitar Works electronics.
15 Carvin DC127 Emerald Green Quilt Top, tung oil finished neck, w Floyd Rose.
16 1973 Ovation Viper, was given to me by a good friend who had it since a child but never learned to play
17 19?? Fender Mexican Made Standard Precision Bass

Amplifiers/speaker cabinets: Not pictured
1 2008 Soldano SLO 100 Head in Snakeskin
2 Soldano 4×12 Slant Speaker Cabinet in matching Snakeskin (purchased with head)
3 2007 Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce II Head in British Garnet
4 Mesa Boogie Stiletto 2×12 Speaker Cabinet w Celestion Vintage 30’s in matching British Garnet (purchased with head)
5 Mesa Boogie 50. Caliber Head black.
6 80’s model Peavey 4×12 bottom in black w Celestion 70’s
7 Early 80’s Dean Markley CD-60 1×12 6L6 tube combo( similar sound to a MKII boogie,
8 1965 Ampeg Echo Twin 2×12 Combo recently had all electronics and tubes restored by the great guys at Savage Amplifiers-Audio. Right here close to me in Minnesota.
9 80’s Charvel Practice Amp
10 2×12 no name guitar speaker cabinet w Pyle speakers.

My babes
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