Help me ID this Guitar Jimmy Reed


I’ve been trying to ID my Grandfathers old guitar and I came across your website. I know it was purchased at Christmas in 1957 0r 1958. Pretty sure from a dept magazine like sears or montgomery wards… However, there is no lettering whatsoever on guitar None, I’m assuming maybe there was a sticker of some sort on headstock that he may have taken off or this is truely just a no name etc. I was told it could be a Jimmy Reed Kay but the pick guard is a little different from the ones i’ve seen on your sight, and other sites. There is a You tube video of one being played that says its a Kay 161

The only lettering or numbering on this guitar is Inside on side of wood is an inked number “33” That’s it.

I do not want to sell it, I simply want to know what it is. It is in great playing shape and I play it often. The only thing i’ve done has been replacing the original tuners with Kluson 3×3 Nickel Tuning Machines as these were an exact match to the originals which I still have but the plastic knobs were cracking due to age so I removed them not wanting to break them

Anyway, any help IDing it would be great. I’m doubting it is a true Kay, maybe a knock off or something….

Thank you and looking forward to hearing what you have to say

Jim Lee

Hofner 164 (IV) Electric
1946 Gibson Br-4
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