Daddy’s Junky Music Closes


Daddy’s Junky Music Stores today announced it ceased operation as of yesterday. The chain had closed eight outlets in the past year, and in late July, founder/CEO Fred Bramante framed the reduction in storefronts as a “restructuring,” saying, “Daddy’s was most successful when we had 12 retail locations within reasonable proximity to our headquarters and warehouse…We will provide a better presentation in markets where our experience tells us a brick & mortar presence still works for Daddy’s. Our online presentation will continue to play a larger role and, in tandem with our 12 stores, presents the appropriate format to service our customers and position Daddy’s for success in the future.

In a report in the Union Leader (Manchester, New Hampshire), Bramante cited the economy and Internet sales as the main factors behind this week’s closing and described Wednesday as one of the worst days of his life: “I had to tell people who had been working with me for decades they were losing their jobs, and it was heartbreaking.”

Daddy’s was founded by Bramante in 1972. With partner Chris Gleason, the operation eventually expanded to storefronts in six New England states and New York. The chain received a number of regional and national awards.

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