Harvey Dalton Arnold Blues Band

Harvey Dalton Arnold Blues Band
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Harvey Dalton Arnold Blues Band

Harvey Dalton Arnold Blues BandNamed for its founder, this band is steeped in the blues and modern interpretations of classics. An album of covers? Not inasmuch as the arrangements are completely different which provides an unexpected character to familiar lyrics. So “It Hurts Me, Too” has a midtempo feel, “Ramblin on My Mind” is recast as a rocker, and “Sittin on Top of the World” becomes an uptempo dance tune. Carried by Dalton’s strong vocals, the rhythm section is firmly in the pocket while Dalton, a member of the Outlaws in the late ’70s, rolls his slide guitar while coguitarist Kim Shomaker blazes with soulful licks and fills that make these classic tunes sound new and different.

The arrangements have been worked out over many a night in bars and juke joints, and masterfully captured in the studio.

It’s good to see blues classics kept alive with a freshness and validity that makes for great listening.

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